Data to the People – Satellite Panel during WEF in Davos

Data to the People – A Solution to Healthcare?

Date: 1pm, January 17th 2017: Location: Promenade 73, Davos Dorf ‘Caspian Week’

Two factors challenge the current healthcare space: The quest for better diagnostics and treatment options to increase the precision of healthcare services and the need to control its related socio-economic cost. Personal patient data, and all its aspects; from data generation to complex data processing and its adequate distribution, affect the above challenges structurally.

Present panel members are at the forefront of leading the healthcare space into the next phase of integrated data management and utilization. They support the concept of citizen-controlled data access pioneered by, which enables citizens to securely store, manage and control access to their personal data by helping them to establish and own national and regional not-for-profit MIDATA cooperatives. MIDATA’s initial focus will be on health-related data since these are most sensitive and valuable for one’s personal health. The MIDATA cooperatives act as the fiduciaries of their members’ data. MIDATA members can visualize and analyze their personal data and can actively contribute to medical research and clinical trials by providing access to their sets of personal data. MIDATA cooperatives provide novel and fair platforms for commercial partners to develop personal data services and tools. This panel addresses fundamental questions of:

·       What kind of data does healthcare and precision public health need?

·       What hinders health data integration?

·       What is the economic value of personal data?

·       How can a right to a digital copy of personal data help?

·       How can not-for-profit data cooperatives contribute to a new sustainable personal data economy?

·       Why should the individual not obtain financial incentives to share data?

The moderators are: Prof. Ernst Hafen and Dr. Kaspar Bänziger RSVP:

Our Panelists

 Prof. Ernst Hafen, ETH Zurich,

 Prof. Effy Vayena, Univ. Zürich, Harvard Medical School

 Preeti Sinha, YES Institute, India

 Dr. Klaas Zuideveld, Caris Lifesciences, Dallas

 David Haerry, EUPATI-IMI, Brussels

 Dr. Elsy Mankah Ngwa, ETH Zürich

 Massimo Morino, Innovation for Health, Inc. Milan

 Prof. Serge Bignens, Bern University of Applied Science and

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